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          Parwiz (Perry) Khazi, GM


               Welcome to Mission Villa Properties website!  


Based on personal renting experiences with several bay area small, medium and large apartments, some good but mostly unprofessional and poorly managed buildings; we have concluded that the standard of rental property ownership/management practice was so low that there was scope to enter the market with the hope to bring some positive changes in the rental property ownership/management style.

After building a solid partnership based on mutual interest and trust, we established Mission Villa Properties in the city of Fremont. Presently Mission Villa Properties own and manage many rental properties in the east/south bay cities. In fact, Mission Villa Properties had grown and become one of the most desired and respected rental properties in the area.


Mission Villa Properties has a team of specialist, personal and professional with a first class track record in owning and managing of high-quality rental properties in the east/south bay cities. Our specialist, personal and professional team are devoted to providing our existing as well as our prospect tenants excellent rental properties in various east/south bay cities.


Mission Villa Properties professional team is committed to saving you valuable time and energy when looking for rental properties. Unlike dealing with the out-of-state or temporary rental/relocation agents, you deal directly with the specialist, personal and professional including the owners and managers and you won't have to pay commissions. In fact, Mission Villa Properties specialist, personal and professional team take the guesswork out of selecting a rental property by allowing its existing and prospect/future tenants to have full freedom when contacting Mission Villa Properties owners as well as managers. As far as routine or emergency maintenance, Mission Villa Properties has its own contracted labor force to carry out most of the emergency works as well as our ongoing routine maintenance.


Now, if you're in the market and ready to move into one of our rental properties in the tri-city, east/bay cities, we believe Mission Villa Properties is your solution.


                                                                                            God bless our great nation!

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Owner and management strongly believe in a professional and respectful tenant-landlord relationship.